Торачка/сеялка за тор, житни култури, райграс и др.

ЧАСТИ / Инвентар / Инвентар за трактори, АТВ и косящи трактори -сеялки, пръскачки, торачки, ремаркета и др. / Торачка/сеялка за тор, житни култури, райграс и др.
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за разпръскване на сол, пясък, тор и семена

Мини торачка/сеялка за житни култури, райграс и др.


Spreader with a capacity of 56 kg

Pneumatic tyres, 600x6

Equipped with sieve and canvas for rain protection

For surfaces of up to 2500 m²

Spreading range of 3 metres to 3.5 metres

Benefits Easy to use and maintain

Easily adjustable controls for precise application

Good handling

Suitable for all sit-on mowers

Application - Garden, spreading fertiliser, seed and herbicides (granulate)

Not suitable for powder-based products

Properties Plastic funnel

Universal coupling, suitable for all sit-on mowers currently on the market

Consists of Spreader Instruction manual Long description